JochTom Biotensers and Dowsing Rods

To measure is to know!  Working with the biotensor.

The biotensor should be a standard fixture in every household. Using one, it can be tested quickly and easily if food is healthy, and which foodstuffs are still safe for consumption. It can also be tested whether or not extra vitamins and/or minerals are required.
Children can be tested for the reasons why they are excitable or withdrawn at any given time.

The biotensor is a unique instrument for testing energetic conditions and functions. In the hands of a practiced user, the biotensor is suitable and often invaluable when conducting various types of research. For example, the biotensor can be used to localize energetic and magnetic fields in nature, the human body, and electronic equipment.

The biotensor is a versatile device, enabling the user to conduct tests and research in various fields, such as:
• Allergies
• Food combinations
• Earth rays and water veins
• Examination of houses for any illness-causing radiation (dowsing rod works more efficiently)
• Testing the suitability of medicine for specific people in specific situations
• Vitamins, minerals and homeopathy

Everything in the universe consists of vibrations, as is well known. Everything, absolutely everything, has its own vibration. All internal organs have different vibrations from one another as well.

The biotensor is capable of detecting every vibration and perceive the differences between them. Using this device, one is also capable of judging how much energy is present at any given time in any given location, or deduce whether or not a homeopathic remedy, vitamin and/or mineral is suitable for the body, and then indicate which therapy will be suitable at that moment in time. Working with the biotensor is lightning fast, it is capable of testing dozens of products within a minute’s time. The usage of the biotensor can be learned within a very short period of time.

Jan crafts his biotensors by himself in his own studio in order to keep it affordable. Choices between biotensors include:
• Wooden grip (Ø 12 mm), various models
• Aluminum grip Ø 12 mm, includes Ø 4 mm connection for e.g. testing wire
• Crystal-look grip (best sold)
• Stainless steel or spring steel wire, Ø 1.0 mm
• Brass, steel and aluminum ring, maximum weight of 4 to 6 grams
• Combination of brass and aluminum ring. Only on request.

Very simple and thus also affordable. Prices from €19,95 to € 27,95 excluding shipping
Shipping rates;
1 to 5 units   € 7,95        Price of € 7,95 is for package mail.
5 to 10 units € free
Payment collected on delivery or paid in advance upon discussion.
Orders may also be picked up in Amersfoort after making an appointment.
+31 33 –  4722298 or + 31 6 54638270

Base model € 19,95
Total length is fixed, around 40 cm
Base model, same as above but with extendable antenna
€ 22,95

Base model, extendable antenna, now with securing bolt (not visible in this image)
€ 24,95

Traveler   € 29,95
For in your bag or coat pocket
Total length around 30 cm

Deluxe model  € 27,95 Several different grip colors available.

All models are for sale at JochTom
+31 6 54638270  or  +31 334722298

flexible in use
wire thickness 1 mm
total length around 39 cm
maximum weight of all rings between 4 and 6 grams
length of antenna is around 22 to 27 cm between ring and grip for variable models
for fixed models the length is 27 cm between ring and grip.